Project Awakening

Project Awakening: First Details Revealed

The next closed playtest for Project Awakening starts May 21

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REYKJAVIK, Iceland – March 13, 2024 – Today, CCP Games is excited to reveal the first details about Project Awakening and announce PHASE III, the next closed playtest for the in-development title set within the EVE Universe, starting May 21, 2024.

With a 26-year studio history, Project Awakening represents the next step in CCP Games’ journey to create virtual worlds more meaningful than real life. Designed with player empowerment at its heart, Project Awakening is being developed as a single-shard survival experience built upon the principles of freedom, consequence, and mastery within a living universe. A universe that will evolve from the actions and efforts of its players.

As a single-shard survival experience, Project Awakening is set in the dark expanse of space where civilization has decayed in the ruin of its own ambition. Players will explore a hostile and dangerous cosmos as they fight to survive against what remains and attempt to rebuild a broken world.

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Powered by the Carbon Development Platform and MUD by Lattice, CCP Games is creating a persistent world bound by digital physics, where composability and programmability will enable players to build and collaborate on top, outside of and within the emergent game environment - unlocking boundless creativity for third-party development via blockchain technology and cryptography.

To participate in the development of Project Awakening, players can now apply to join PHASE III, the next closed playtest starting May 21, 2024. PHASE III will allow players to engage with programmable game systems and build their own features and functionality within the world. As part of the playtest, an online hackathon will enable builders to showcase their ideas to CCP, with the winning teams given the opportunity to visit the studio headquarters in Iceland.

As part of today’s news, CCP Games is also excited to announce its commitment to making the Carbon Development Platform open source, allowing programmers and game developers to access the Carbon game engine framework and additional components for free.

“We have been co-developing games with players for over 20 years: by making the Carbon Development Platform open source we are now taking the next step in this journey. Our vision is to open up game development to everyone. Whether you are a player, a developer, or a programmer, we want to empower you in building virtual worlds. As part of this, we are excited to reveal the first details about Project Awakening, which embodies this philosophy. Players will have a new series of tools at their disposal to add their own features and functionality to the experience, a new way of leaving their mark on the world. If you are a builder and want to be a part of this journey, then apply to PHASE III and join this new extension of the EVE Universe.”

CCP Games CEO, Hilmar Veigar Pétursson.

“We’re excited to bring the Carbon Development Platform to our creative community, allowing them to harness the power of the Carbon game engine. We look forward to sharing more details and insight on how the public will be able to access Carbon in the future.”

CCP Games Senior Development Director, Ben Hunter.

“We are proud to reveal our partnership with CCP Games. Integrating MUD with Project Awakening will enable the creation of an autonomous world bound by digital physics. A universe where actions have consequences, which exists on rules as concrete as our own reality.”

Lattice CEO, Justin Gilbert.

For more information on Project Awakening and to apply to PHASE III, visit the official website

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